Mental Toughness: How to love meta-cognition

You are not "in" a bad mood, you are contributing to a bad mood.  You are not "having" a great day, you are "being" a great day.

Being aware of your mental & physical recipes responsible for your day's outcome is an incredible step towards awesome.

Look at a tray of freshly made brownies.  There is a whole collection of factors that determines their deliciousness.  There is the baking temperature, the cooling time, and the ingredients.  But within that, there is a syntax.  That is, a specific order.  You can't bake the brownies before adding the flour, and you can't stir the brownie mixture at the end after letting it cool.

So to, does awesome have a recipe (in fact, you're in the process of reading the ingredients list right now!).  One thing that awesome requires, is being in an awesome state.

As you've read previously, another thing required, is consistency.  Which means you must consistently be in an awesome state.

Currently, most of us have our awesome moments, but they seem random and unpredictable.  You simply "have a good day."

I propose to you to discover the recipe for your "good days" and simply be awesome, and allow the days around you to be good as a result.

You must embrace metacognition in order to even be able to read this recipe, let alone master it.

Measure yourself on a scale of 1 to awesome.  Take your awesome temperature, and see how it affects your performance throughout the day.  Write down when you are awesome and analyze why.  Find your recipe for awesome and bake it every day.

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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