Mental Toughness: How to do what you love & get rich

In every walk of life, profession, business and career, there are outstanding individuals.

The majority of these people are not awesome at what they do because they toil and work away at it (although the practice towards perfection takes hard work and effort) they are are this way because, as a general rule, they love what they do.

Put simply, for them, work, is play.

Some say that the awesome don't pick their fields; instead, that their fields pick them.  As if they were simply born to do them.  They love it.

My question to you, becomes:  What do you love to do?

If my child told me they wanted to be a doctor, I would say "great!  Why?" and if they answered "because they make a lot of money" I would discourage them from becoming a doctor.  If they answered "because I really would love helping people" I would immediately get them to write up a bunch of questions in regards to their ideal work day, and then, get them to interview some of the better doctors in the area.

If their fantasy matched up with the reality, I would do everything in my power to help them achieve their goal.

Take stock of your life.  Do you do what you do for the money, or for the juice?  If its for the juice of life, how could you multiply that juice and affect more people?

The truth of the matter is, from singing and dancing to telling jokes or investing in real estate, if you find someone at the top of the heap, they're generally driven by passion and love for what they do, and they're friggen' loaded.

Talk to them.

Success leaves clues.

"I'd rather be a failure at something I love, than a success at something I don't" - George Burns

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