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Hey true believers, just a quick note:  In November 2011 we're going to start working on a project that may share the awesome in a new, different way.

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Leadership and Self Deception: Book Review

Leadership and Self Deception.  I would say that the tricky part for a lot of us would be getting past the title, honestly.

A friend of mine recommended this book to me a while back, and even used the phrase "I immediately thought of you when I was reading this" hehe, ouch!  Thanks, right?  "Hey, I saw this dieting book called how to not be a big fatass, and I thought of you!"

Well, to put your fears or potential pre-judgement of the book to rest, let me share with you that I immediately thought of many of my friends, family members, students and associates after reading Leadership and Self Deception.  As well as potential businesses that could benefit from its teachings.

So, if this book has been recommended to you to read, I would say to do what I did, which was grin, and start reading - trusting the person who recommended it to you in the first place, as, it is excellent.  And, after you've read the book, the title doesn't even seem insulting.  Neat shift of view, that.

I will say this, though:  Leadership and Self Deception is a trifle difficult to summarize.

If you've been reading The Key to Awesome: The Step by Step Guide to Having an OUTSTANDING Life, you'll know that I recommended Leadership and Self Deception nearly right away.

There's a reason.

This book changes the way we see the world... not just others... but ourselves, as well.

There is some truly powerful viewpoint shifting that happens when you read Leadership and Self Deception.

Regardless of how empathetic, or caring you may think you are, or, how selfless or even martyr-esque you might cast yourself as, I would still truly recommend Leadership and Self Deception to you, as, in those cases, the book may work even better.

If you are reading The Key to Awesome: The Step by Step Guide to Having an OUTSTANDING Life, or, if you are simply just looking for a way to expand your empire, influence, personal power, or any other form of self improvement, I highly recommend this book.

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts


I had an interesting comment on The Key to Awesome the other day, which was that they disagreed with point 4 of awesome (the teaching others section).  In that, while noble, they believed it wasn't an integral part of said awesomeness.  Optional awesomeness, if you will.

I had a healthy debate with him, and, the final results I thought might be worth sharing, as he raised some valid points.

One great example he had, was a monk who sits and meditates all day.  Could this person, without affecting anyone else, be awesome (by the books' definition)

To that, I said no.  Not in the sense that they don't have the potential to be an amazing person, or even a fulfilled one.  But, The Key to Awesome: The Step by Step Guide to Having an OUTSTANDING Life is not just a guide on fulfillment, although that is definitely a category.  It is not just a guide on achievement, or mental abilities, or nutrition, or any of those things... it is a step by step guide to having an outstanding life.

To have an outstanding life, I would put fourth that one must stand out, in some form, or another.

In order to truly stand out, one would have to impact a large group of people, or, at the very least, a small group of people in a HUGE way.

Look at OprahGandhi, Tony Robbins, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, GSP... all of these people have outstanding lives, and, all of them have impacted many, many... many people.

But wait, you say, they haven't necessarily taught those people anything?  Agreed.  But, teaching and influencing are the same things (with, perhaps, more and less intent behind them at times).  Meaning, in order to master influence, or teaching, or impact, or whatever word you want to use, you still have to "multiply yourself" via some medium.

A teacher teaches.  A politician or paster preaches.  A sports hero or musician inspires.  A television personality engages... but they are all influencing.  And, in their own way, all teaching.

So, in TK2A's definition of its title, that is, Awesome being the culmination of an outstanding life, I would say that all of those people are awesome at what they do, as they have impacted the world through doing awesome things, and helping (or inspiring) others do awesome things.

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts

Peaceful Warrior Movie Review

Every now and then, I like to take a book from the bibliography of awesome, or The Key to Awesome's chronological reading list and do a short review of it that would be a little beyond the scope of TK2A itself.

There aren't many movies like Peaceful Warrior, honestly.  

I've "prescribed" this movie to help a variety of different students tackle a variety of different challenges in their lives.

Whenever we get what we first view as a setback, we must train ourselves to see the gift, the opportunity, the message, and more.

Whenever we become focused on the goal, we must remind ourselves that the journey is the only thing happening.

Like I said, I recommend Peaceful Warrior to a lot of different people at a lot of different times in their lives, and, one thing I've noticed is this:  Whenever I talk about the movie, (or the book) off-handedly, it always seems to strike a chord with someone in the immediate vicinity.

What that puts fourth then, is that if you're reading this... that person who needs to own either this movie or this book, might be you, or, someone close to you.

I promise you one thing:  After you've watched Peaceful Warrior, the first think you'll do is start thinking about who to give the movie to.

A final note:  Even if you didn't need to see the movie now, there will come a time when its message will ring true in your ears, and there is not a movie I have seen to date which I recommend more.

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts

How to "Fix" the education system

I think we can all agree that our current education system is in need of a tune-up.  From students, to parents, to the casual observer, I think we can all see the problems.  The question is: what are the solutions, and, if they are so obvious... why isn't anyone doing anything about it?

One thing I would do is take a serious look at relevance and our desired end-game.  That is, what are we training our children to become?

Do we want to crush creativity and create as many drones as possible?  I would put fourth that this is our current system's desire.  To create factory workers and to remove creativity as much as possible.  Which, used to be a really great idea for our economic structure.

Every economy needs those to do the less creative jobs; I am not an economist, and don't know the ratio - but it seems to me, that what we need are more billionaires, and less gas attendants or shopping center cashiers or any other job we've all seen slowly getting replaced by automation.

We need more internet wiz-kids, more drop shipping, more passive income, more vibrant, creative ideas and eye catching concepts.

In short, we need the exact opposite of fur trading.  While I could pick any subject in school to nitpick against, I find it very easy to pick on the fur trading I learned in grade 4.  I will totally corner the market on beaver pelts some day with my nasty leet pemmican making skills and quick skinning methods.

Here's the thing.  I didn't learn about passive income until I was out of high school.  WHY!?  Something so basic would have completely changed my focus in high school.  I would have been less interested in blogging for fun, and considerably more interested in blogging for fun and making a zillion dollars.

If you look at the sxe phils or the Smoshs or famous internet writers like The Darth Side, these internet sensations are simply creative introverted extroverts.  That is, those who like being in the spotlight, but, maybe weren't super popular in school.

Why don't we know about passive income, but do know how to make a catapult?  Why do I have extensive knowledge on the difference between alligators and crocodiles, but had to learn about affiliate income by fluke?

How would I change the education system?  I'd ask the richest people I knew what they knew, or at the very least, put "rich dad poor dad" into the reading curriculum at some point.

If kids had hope and billions in their creative, un-crushed cross-hairs, they would apply themselves and excel at learning and be the most wealthy generation to date.

Would that be a good thing?  Ask the economists.  Would it be awesome?  ...yeah.

This fellow has some great ideas about providing something of an "education commission"

59 Seconds Book Review

I've been listening to 59 seconds and, I'm debating on adding it to the bibliography of awesome.

While interesting, I would say that some of the other books in the list provide the same information in a more digestible way...

The reason I do mention the book, however, is that it IS chalk full of useful tips and info, and, some of our readers may appreciate Richard's highly scientific approach to happiness.  

Often times, speakers and authors who write books to improve people's lives, will quote a story, or statistic that is somewhat arbitrary to make a point.  "2/3 people are materialistic due to low self esteem" or something of that nature, and, for some, they demand a more precise accounting of such a statistic.

Where was the statistic calculated?  How it was calculated?  By whom?  Why?  Where did their funding came from?  What was the actual statistic?  (say in this case, 66.73% instead of 2/3 people)  Was this study corroborated in a complimentary yet impartial study?  And so on.

Personally, I dislike it when books drone on and on to "prove their point" but, to some, this sort of information helps them learn, or, perhaps, to believe they can learn.

It is to those people, and, to people looking for any form of proof or scientific evidence or reassurance that I would recommend 59 seconds.

The success journal, for example, that I mention in TK2A is broken down into a slightly different, scientifically tested method, which I have begun testing upon myself with positive results.  Also, a theory that I've had on positivity was scientifically validated as well, which was reassuring.