Mental Toughness: How to become more enthusiastic

Be honest with yourself - are you more enthusiastic about your own accomplishments, or those of a fictional character on TV, or a celebrity's love life/social mishaps?

Turn off the TV, and take an hour to really find out what you want your life to be.  Get a great, long term goal, and make it into some great, short term goals.  Get motivated with your life.

Also, don't live for "some day".  Some day is now.  Don't suffer so you can one day retire - its a fallacy that has corrupted millions of people into drudgery.

Take charge of your life, and find a way to make huge sums of money off of what you love to do.  What is your passion?  How could you multiply it to help as many people as possible?

Better yet, do this simple exercise:  Ask yourself what are your top five activities in your life for which you have utter passion and enthusiasm?

Next to each, write a few names of people who make money doing those things.  Don't know?  Look.  Then, talk to them.

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Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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