Mental Toughness: How to learn to delay gratification

Most good ideas have an incubation period.  Foundations need to be poured, websites fabricated, people assembled, technology developed etc.

During that time, the money goes out, not in.

Its important to mentally recognize and be okay with this process of planting the seeds before the harvest.

Our society is trained to exchange time for dollars, and, the path to awesome is in exchanging ideas for dollars, not time.

Train yourself to delay gratification for greater rewards.  Not in the sense of an RRSP "I'll have money when I retire" type mentality - instead, think work for free, or close to it, for 6 months and learn from someone who can teach you to be a millionaire.  

Develop skills as you age, not income brackets.  No job will ever truly set you free - you'll need to develop cash developing systems.  (see passionate passive income for more info on that)

Develop your self discipline through practice.  Even something simple like putting a chocolate bar on your work desk and refusing to eat it for 30 days can build tremendous willpower for many of us.  Find your achillies heel and test yourself.

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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