Mental Toughness: How to Always have choice

Remove the phrase "I have to" from your vocabulary, and replace it with "I get to" or "I choose to."

"Having to" do just about anything is just not the case.  You've created this life, you've chosen this path, and you are forging your steps towards greatness one day at a time.  You've chosen your future and you are building towards it.

You don't "have" to do a damn thing.  So, embrace life, and recognize that there is always a choice.

In fact, take any challenge you have in your life, where you have to do something to get it done, and come up with at least 3 options to get your desired outcome.

If you have the choice between one thing and another, you don't have a choice, you have an ultimatum.  When you start getting into groups of 3 or more choices, you have choice, you have creativity; you have variety and the ability to mix and match.

"Okay, I don't want to solve this through option A, and option B is no better... what's the third option?"

Presuppose there is a third option.  Presuppose success.

When you're playing a difficult part in a video game, you assume that there is an easy way to beat the level that you just haven't figured out yet.  Treat life in the same manner and all sorts of doors will open for you.

There IS an easier, better, faster, more fulfilling and enjoyable method.  Its right behind the...

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