Mental Toughness: How to have a clear conscience

A guilty conscience is one of the surefire elements that can bog you down.  If you feel guilty about something, fix it, or let it go, now.

There are plenty of methods of forgiveness, including some very powerful meditations, to simply calling somebody up on the phone and letting them know that you do not expect any reciprocation, and simply to let them know that you forgive them.

Anger blackens the soul, as does bitterness and any other negative emotion.  In fact, it can kill a guinea pig or two (check out this article entitled Forgiveness vs Dead Guinea Pigs)

Most of us tend to associate forgiveness with being wrong and them being right - far from the truth.

Holding on to resentment and anger only hurts you, not them.  So forgive, not forget, not endorse, not condone - just forgive.

(This includes yourself, by the way.)

For future projects, to avoid future guilt, ask yourself these questions often:
Is what I'm doing...
1) The truth
2) Fair to all concerned
3) Build goodwill and better friendships
4) Be beneficial to all concerned

And that's helped me through some difficult choices.

Another thing that I like to do, is "solve issues with love" - meaning, what would you do in this situation if you totally loved this person?

Like, I had a student who was going through some rough times and wanted to quit Shinka.  Part of me wanted to let them go, because I knew they were going through some rough stuff, and taking martial arts might be an extra stress for them.

But, once I looked deep into myself and realized that, if I truly loved this person, I would encourage them to take martial arts to help them through this episode.  Once you see life through love's eyes, things become clear.  And, helping people make the right decisions in their lives becomes easier as well.

Live with love, and your conscience is always clear.

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