Mental Toughness: How to have fun, be fulfilled and get rich

Most people look at people more successful than them, and believe them to be these super self-disciplined, self-sacrificing, achievement and success MACHINES.

Now, granted, those are all nice skills, and they never hurt.

The truth, though, is that often people who are living their dream lives and having a blast, were doing so when they started, too.  It might have taken a bit of sweat to get going but...  What motivated them was fun.

The truly successful have a lot more fun (which is often work for other people, mind you) in their lives.  They've found something that they love, and have monetized it.  Simple.

Imagine two caregivers.  One loves the child, the other despises it.  They both try their best to be great parents.  Which kid would you vote on becoming a more well adjusted, happy individual?

A business or lifestyle is no different!

Find a "child"/life that you LOVE, and care for it.  Monetize what you love to do!

Go to work and smile.  "I'm off to play!"  I teach at Shinka Martial Arts, the best dojo in the world.  I love my students, and literally look forward to work every time I go in.  There are days where my muscles might be sore, or I might be in a crummy mood because of one thing or another, but my kids (which, by the way, is what I call all my students, even the ones older than me!) are always there to put a smile on my face.

I absolutely, positively, LOVE teaching martial arts.  I used to PAY OTHER PEOPLE so that I could teach at their school.  So of COURSE I teach martial arts for a living!!

An excellent question to ask yourself, is "how much fun am I having in my life?" also, ask yourself this:  "Could I eliminate some things from my life that aren't fun?"

How much would it cost you to get some of the less fun things in your life delegated?  What would that free you up to do?

Because here's the thing:   WHAT YOU LOVE IS SOMEONE ELSE'S HATE/WORK.  Look at public speaking.   I love public speaking - for some, its more terrifying than DEATH!

Take what you love, and monetize it as soon as possible.  I guarantee, someone would hate doing what you do, and would greatly love to delegate those actions to you.  Soooo... what do you dislike, and, who would want to play at it for you?

(bonus: They'll do it way better than you - because they love it!!)

Recommended Homework:  Find someone who glows when working.  Find someone who absolutely loves what they do, and it seeps through every one of their pores while they do it.  Hang out with them.

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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