Mental Toughness: How to Achieve balance in work & play

Most average performers struggle with balance, in the sense that they perceive that they work too much, and play far too often.  Also, their method of play is often distracting verses mentally engaging & creative.

Taking time to relax is just as much a part of success as action is.  Its all about balance.

One program I would recommend is called "eternity" for the itouch.  Its basically a free time-logging program that allows you to log your time in different activities.  The categories I use are "business", "building relationships", "manifesting, planning, meditating etc", "synaptic atrophy", "training", "synaptic growth", and "class prep/teaching".

So at the end of the month, I can look at my stats and see how balanced my life is.  I generally seem to hit Business being at 17%, relationships around 26%, manifesting at about 8%, atrophy at 7%, growth at 10%, teaching at 30% and training at 2%.

Which, if you add it all up, basically turns into personal, work, and connection at about 27%, 47%, 26%.  There is a bit of crossover as training is technically personal, friends, and work, as is manifesting; but I generally lump those into personal time, as its something I would regardless of the existence of the others.

Balance is key, of course.  And, if you start to experience stress in your life, you can check your percentages and make adjustments.

One of the things this time-logging can really help with, is your perceptions of "wasting time".  "Gah, I didn't DO anything" is a very common achiever (especially male achiever) expression to hear, after, say, spending the whole day cuddling with your loved one.

This percentage-based time logger helps put that into perspective.  Almost as if every aspect of your life were a job, and you are just checking where the paycheck is going.  "Oop, I haven't shown up at my girlfriend-job in the past two days, better put some time in" is basically what it can feel like.  So you are "allowed" to relax.

"Yikes, is that the time?  I've gotta stop my tax returns and get in some video games to achieve balance!" hehe.  "Have to".

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