One Million Better Moms

In our continuing journey to discover and increase that which is awesome, we've launched 1 million BETTER moms.

Our goal?  To find, interview, and correlate all the awesome decisions of awesome moms which have made awesome kids - effectively creating an instruction book for awesome from the very beginning!

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New developments

Hello my key ring of Awesome keys!  (haha, that sounded better in my head)

I wanted to give you all a quick update.  Remember how I promised we'd be starting a new project to spread the awesome in November 2011?

Well, it is called MMA made EASY and it is truly a passionate project that has inspired us to do some wonderful things!

The section you might be most interested in, is the one we are developing now, called MEDITATION made EASY (not nearly as developed as the GRAPPLING made EASY or STRIKING made EASY channels)

We'd love your feedback on the channels or on our fanpage!

Keep on spreading that awesome!