Mental Toughness: How to learn to love growth

Take baby steps towards greatness.

Not everyone enjoys personal growth, and, as foregin a concept as that is to some of us, we can appreciate that its a challenge at first.

Reflect.  Take a minute and think about some of the biggest challenges in your life that you've overcome.  Think about how great you felt afterwards.  Think about how you grew as a person.  Think about all the interesting things that happened as a result of your actions.

Realize, without that growth, where you would be.

Think about a huge area you want to grow in - perhaps a daunting task.  Break it up into small, bite sized pieces, and pick one you can accomplish in 5 minutes.  Could you schedule an event?  Could you make a phone call?  Could you write a title?

Growth has a momentum to it.  Start small.

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Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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Anonymous said...

hahaha! "Baby steps, baby steps!" awesome recommendation...

julie said...

Hello Sensei Ono,
this is clear and concise, thank -you! Would you agree; where there is a WILL one will find THE WAY to accomplish whatever it is they want.
First one needs the WILL...
"just do it!" ~:0)

Author said...

Hi Julie, thanks! To answer your question, yes, I would say that the will is an essential piece to the puzzle.