Mental Toughness: How to suspend disbelief

Being willing suspend your disbelief and take in new information is a skill that gets harder with practice, not easier.  The reason is, the longer you're alive, the more you "know".

"Master, the cup is full, it can hold no more tea!"
"you must empty your cup to receive more tea."

Checking your ego at the door and simply listening to an idea to its entirety, that is, until the speaker is finished, is truly a skill.  So many of us want to add our two bits in, or disprove of an idea before its even fully been pitched.

Assume that people are as smart as, or smarter than you, when they are teaching you, and weigh what they have to say after they're done.

Observe the world as a child, process your observations as an adult.

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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