Mental Toughness: How to separate Truth, from Fact

Learn to question that which you "know."

There are different levels of belief, and faith.  Learn to appreciate both.  There is astounding power in faith, and, inherent weakness.

For example, if your faith empowers you and emboldens you to take action to enhance the world and yourself, fantastic!

If it helps you belittle and judge others... less good.

Truth is a personal thing.  It is not a fact that you are a nice person, but a truth.  I'm sure somebody thinks you're a dickweed, right?  If they don't, that likely means you aren't taking a stand one way or the other on anything.

Here's the thing.  If you name one person, any person, there's going to be a love group, and a hate group for them.  People absolutely positively love, and despise, every movie you've ever seen.

There's nothing wrong with being disliked, it means that you are standing for something you believe in.  (there's obviously nothing wrong with being liked, for the same reasons)

If your passion is driving you, and you are motivated by love, let the judgement fall where it may.

It is okay to have your own personal truth.  However, if your truth was that you were a nice guy, and... the majority of the people you know and are close with would use a different description, perhaps a look at the fact might be beneficial.

Objectivity, again.

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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