Mental Toughness: How to practice curiosity

For many, curiosity is seen as a trait, not a skill.

Being able to practice and improve one's curiosity is an excellent way to increase one's wealth, and happiness.

Being of a childlike mindset which screams "teach me" is a fantastic way to learn that which others think they already know.  The result, is a life filled with tiny tidbits of knowledge everyone else does not posses.

All those tiny tidbits add up into a brilliant idea, a unique circumstance, and, ultimately, a very different life.

Also, people love to teach what they know to curious, enthusiastic people.  Think about it - they were the same way in this particular field, once.  That's why they know what they know, now.  You being curious about their life implies that you have a similarity of purpose, or, at the very least, a similarity of passion.

People like people who are like them.  If you are curious about someone's life, and how they've managed to perfect their particular area of expertise, you are increasing your like-them-quotient, and ergo your likability quotient.

That isn't why to do it, but its a nice side benefit.

Curiosity is also one of the better forms of praise.  Are you curious how a friend of yours got to be so amazing?  Ask them a specific question, and follow it up with the reason you are asking

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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Anonymous said...

Love the new layout!

Julie said...

yes! it is very clear love black n white! I am it skin? (looks like my legs under a microscope haha!) a photo from way above? microscopic something? lava? curiousity SAVED the cat , BTW!)

Author said...

Haha, very astute! It is indeed skin, though not as close up, nor as human as you might guess!

Thanks for the feedback :)