Mental Toughness: How to be classy

Being classy is actually a pretty difficult thing for most of us to achieve.  The issue becomes that of familiarity.  You grow accustomed to being a certain way with certain people and mentally "relax".

There's nothing wrong with mentally relaxing.  It only becomes an issue when you relax past someone you'd rather not be.

You shouldn't have to "turn on" your class, you should simply be who you are.  Not to say that different environments don't cultivate certain filters, or methodologies of speech - but they are still, nonetheless, you, acting within your integrity.

For example, if you were a teacher, you would of course have one way of dealing with students, another with friends, and yet another with family.  But, you would still be the same person in all three cases.  Your language and presentation of that language might change, but the over all ethics, passion and character should remain consistent throughout.

If you consider yourself to be less-than-classy, meaning that you badmouth people, are rude, or crude, think about how it makes those people feel, and, how that makes you feel.  Think about those feelings and decide if you want to stay that way.

Most times, negative projections of thought come from fear.  It could be that you're harming others to protect yourself.  Its either them, or you...?

Shed yourself of that, and understand that nobody can hurt your soul but you.  Nobody can violate your character but you.  Think about who you'd want to be, and how that person would act.  Grow into the role.  Visualize.  See yourself interacting with your environments and, either change your environments to suit you, or find new environments that already suit you.

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Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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