Mental Toughness: How to evolve competing into creating

Playing not to lose is the mindset you want to avoid.  There is no difference between you and someone more successful than you - except that they were willing to think, and act, bigger.

"But wait a second, didn't you say not to be competitive, and be collaborative?"

Yes, completely.  This goes with that, not against that.  See, playing not to lose is a mindset that has you focusing on what you don't want.  You want to shift that focus to what you do want.

Playing to win doesn't mean you care who else is playing and how well they're doing, you're simply doing it to be the best you can be.  Playing to win means you cannot fail, because how you define winning is by playing and learning.

Your ego is not your fuel, your love and passion is.

Recommended Viewing: Peaceful Warrior
(Or get the book)

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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julie said...

My experience thus far has taught me:always striving to do your best with clear intentions and open heart works VERY well; sometimes people think they have an idea, but delay action till "it's perfect" a pretty good (action) plan today is better than a "perfect plan" tomorrow. Congratulations on your awesome book, Sensei Ono! I hungrily await the hard cover version, as I am the type who gives books away because I know it helps the vibe of our beautiful planet (ie I'm A Hop Hop Hoppity Frog changes lives in some mysterious/humorous way for some reason!) Love n peace n Aloha ~J

Author said...

The hardcover book should be out in July!