Mentors & Teams: Think Tanks & Teams

SECTION 1: 1.4.2

At times, the quality of our think tanks & teams are what make or break the awesome in our lives.

Think tanks allow for one of the most powerful combinations in the universe:
Focused leveraging of information & time.

The momentum and power that comes from the leveraging of time and knowledge is outstanding.  Batman is likely an impossible person.  He's simply too highly skilled & educated in every conceivable thing - from martial arts to memorizing early 50's actors names in case the Riddler decides to include one in one of his obscure references.  

But a team of people calling themselves "Batman Inc." is entirely possible.

To put it into terms possibly more applicable to your own life:  One member of your team is studying SEO, the other, how to evaluate companies, another is an expert in sales and writing copy, another is studying lighting and film, while another is full of creative ideas.

All of a sudden, you've got a pretty awesome website, without everyone knowing all the tools.  Think tanks often ban together to form corporations and teams, or splinter groups with a common vision.

What defines a think tank group is the thinking.  What holds them together with accuracy, is their common vision.

Getting together and brainstorming, as well as sharing progress & challenges is an excellent way to maintain momentum, and avoid getting "stuck".  Common vision is an excellent way to help arbitrate decisions.

Even simply having a place to articulate your challenge to another human being can sometimes queue up your subconscious' own ability to solve the situation itself!

The secret to many awesome people's lives, was that they surrounded themselves with people who played at what, to them, was work.

Said differently, one person's "trash" is another person's "treasure".  You might hate public speaking, while a team member might live for it.

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"The more I enjoy doing something, the less I call it work."

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