Health & Energy: How to achieve proper hydration


The trick to proper hydration is less complex than solid foods, and still has to do with both quality and quantity.

There are different grades of water.  The higher the grade, the better your body will run.

Tap Water:  
Chemicals and additives I wouldn't drink unless there was no other option.

Filtered Water:  
Great, though not all water filters are created equal.  As they are constantly improving on existing technology, I cannot recommend a specific product, though, I can recommend this site for finding the best one for you.

Bottled Water:
Mostly scams and poor products that prey on the naive or uninformed.  
However, this site has some fantastic product.  (If nothing else, I like having a few of their bottles to transport my own filtered water in, as their bottles are of a much higher quality than the standard fare)

Your body uses up an extremely large amount of water when it is digesting, sleeping, exercising, or having sex.  So, drink before those activities, and afterwards.

Your urine shouldn't stink, and shouldn't be dark yellow.  Try to drink a little before you're thirsty, as a habit.

To alkalize water, you can use alkalizing drops, or lemon.  To increase your body's health, lower body odor, and massively increase your digestion, you may want to add things like
 chlorophyll to your water.  Its yummy, and good for you (though I wouldn't mix it with the lemon).

You may also want to start your day with a green drink.  This ensures you start your day with liquid, and high-liquid-content, alkaline foods.  (those mix well with the chlorophyll)

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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