Mentors & Teams: Finding & Evaluating Friends

Of all tasks necessary for evolutionary awesomeness, people tend to get the most sensitive about selective friendships.

The terms "elitist" and "snob" come to many people's minds nearly instantly, so, good for you for being open minded enough to read on.

Regardless of how you feel towards selective friendships, one thing is certain:
How selective we become about who we surround ourselves directly influences which realities we will gravitate towards.

Said differently, we become that which surrounds us.

Loyalty is an admirable trait, and in no way am I saying you should "fire" your friends who don't live up to your highly judgmental standards.  Or that you should ask for resumes when introduced to a person.

What I am saying, is that when you are managing your time, be aware that you will subconsciously adapt to your environment.  You will become your environment.  Observe your environment with that knowledge.  And do what you can to make that environment as awesome as possible.

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Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts

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