End of Section 1: Congratulations!

Excellently done.  I congratulate you!

Seriously, not many people really finish what they've started in this world.  In fact, not many people even get close!  You're at the end of a section, and that is a cause for celebration!

Of the tiny, tiny percentage of people who take the time to make the effort to improve themselves, an even tinier percentage finish the very books they were using for that purpose.  I mean it, I'm impressed!

Take a moment and bask in this praise.  Its important to be well practiced at receiving praise, and not deflecting it.  This isn't a time to be super humble and say something like "oh, it was nothing"  It was something, and you did it!

You now have all the tools necessary to do awesome things!

What sorts of awesome things will you do?  Do you have a 1 year plan?  A 10 year plan?  What impact will your increased awesomeness have upon our world?

I know you'll be super busy, doing all these awesome things, and, I know that you've not got the thirst for making things even better, yes?

Read on :-)

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