Mentors & Teams: The Difference Between Mentors, Coaches & Friends

Many people lump their support groups into one large ball.

I would point out that mentors are generally closer to where you want to be than you are, and often will attempt to encourage you towards their reality; while coaches are generally excellent at spotting ways for you to improve, and influencing you to do so; and friends are people who make you laugh, are there for you when you feel up or down, and will encourage you towards their reality.

All are totally awesome, and sometimes people do "cross over" into various areas.  (for example, many of my business associates are friends) but remember:  Do not confuse the three.  A friend's council is different from a coach's, as it has a different objective.  A friend's council is different from a mentor's as they have different realities.

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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