Health & Energy: Megahertz in Food Explained


Food, like all things, vibrates at a frequency and has an energetic level.  Higher is better.

To summarize someone's life's work in a single article is difficult at best, but, the basic premise is: The more alive a food is, the better it is for you.

Our bodies' cellular makeup literally conforms to what we put inside it.  Meaning, fruit and vegetables are alive when we eat them, so we, in essence, become more alive.  This is why chlorophyll is one of the best things on the planet for you, as its basically live, energized plant blood.

Even smelling a rose provides a beneficial electric charge to your body.  

Most of your organs require certain vibrational wavelengths to operate.  Our body is a bio-electric organism.  One of the reasons the alkalinity in the blood is important, is that it allows our electric charges to remain uninhibited by blockages and slowed transmitters.

As a side note, microwaves alter the megahertz and chemical compounds of many foods.  I've included some of the horrors of microwaves in a separate document ( & d).

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