Mental Toughness: Learn how to create win-win deals

Similar to the art of honesty, you have to look at this as a long term life-choice.

Let's say you dealt with two people.  One, looked out for you.  S/he was kind, helpful, honest, and created a win/win situation.  The other, got about 6% more out of you, and you felt like it was a grueling experience.

Who would you talk about highly, deal with consistently, and support?  Who would you be inclined to help, or send business to?

Magnify that over a decade, and you will see why those who create win/win deals always out pace those who do not.

If someone beings you information or product which makes you a fortune, reward them.  Not only will it encourage them, but everyone who hears your generosity as well.

Plus, it feels good.

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Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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