Mental Toughness: How to be creative

Treat your ideas as if they were the children of your soul.

(Because they are)

Stealing from one is plagiarism.  Stealing from many is research.

You've already watched the movie Peaceful Warrior by now (you ARE doing your homework... riiiiight?) so I don't need to go into specifics about daily observations.

However, you can magnify the beauty of that message with specific questions.

To re-state:  You can take the gift of that movie, and apply it to ANYTHING.

Inspiration, most of all.  Presuppose success and ask a question in relation to your creative ponderings.

"What is the hidden opportunity in today's laundry?" was a question that was asked by a person who invented the fast and easy way to fold a shirt.  "What else could I use this failure for?" was a question asked of the person who invented the post-it note (by accident - they were trying to make a super adhesive)

What is your creative project?  Immediately refine it down to its basic component:  Making the world better for who and in what way?  Ask yourself how every day objects and situations are meant to help you towards it.  You'll be surprised at all the "coincidences"

"The way that sock fell from my dryer made me think of that video game where the fellow falls down and bounces off things which made me realize that the answer to my question isn't, in fact, to add more circuit boards, but, in fact, to re-wire the device so that it can overlap... YES!"

Never underestimate the power of a great idea, or a focused mind.  Allow your subconscious to solve your problems.  Your reality is that which you focus on the most.  So focus on solving, focus on growth, focus on creation.

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