Mental Toughness: How to rid yourself of the need for approval of others

"I am responsible to my employees, customers, and business associates; to be honest, sincere, and to act with integrity.

But I am not responsible for their attitudes or behavior towards me.  I hope they like me.  It's more pleasant that way, but if not, it's not my problem." - Bill Gove

Here's the thing, if you take a stand on any issue, those who hear about your stand will love you for it, hate you for it, and be completely indifferent towards you about it.

Anybody who accomplishes anything, acquires fans, enemies and people who don't really care one way or the other.

The alternative is worse.  If you don't take a stand, then you'll be trying to please everyone - if you try to please everyone, you'll have to take multiple stands.  If you take multiple stands, then you'll also offend everyone.

Which means if you don't take a stand, EVERYONE will hate you.  So, you might as well offend about 50% of the population and befriend the other half, yeah?

Letting other people dictate your beliefs, is like letting someone else drive your car.  Its fine, but don't get all huffy if they smash it up.

Take a good look at yourself and answer honestly:  How high is my need to be approved?  How does it impact my life?  Who would I be if nobody else were watching?

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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