Mental Toughness: The importance of rewarding yourself

Setting goals is common, and rewarding ourselves is common - though it is considerably more rare when the two meet.

That is, those who set goals are often less adept at rewarding themselves, and those adept at rewarding themselves are often in need of better goals.

So then, what we must do is set up a reward system for taking positive action towards our goals.  Our brains work on pleasure & pain principals.  Even something as small as an M&M can help push someone towards finishing a goal.

However, one key point of understanding is not to reward results, but rather, actions.

Have targets, certainly.  But taking 100% dedicated, motivated, passionate & clear action towards those goals is what should be rewarded.  Mistakes happen, accidents occur, but if your brain links up success with trying its hardest, you will succeed in the long run.

Try taking something you've been procrastinating (a goal) and change it into a target where you want to get "somewhere close to it" and, focus on setting up rewards for dedicated action TOWARDS said target.

If all your goals become targets towards a better life; stepping stones or baby-steps if you will, then procrastination simply does not occur.  You have no avoidance because the only way you can FAIL is by procrastination.  Action = reward, and so you keep moving forward.

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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