Mental Toughness: How to harness the power of persistence

If you never truly decide what you want, you can't really blame anybody, or any thing, for your lack of it.

Again, I'm not talking about money.  Money is a means.  I'm talking about an end.  What do you want, and why?  Your big why will provide you with experiences that would not even occur to someone without it.

Persistence comes to those with a big why like apathy comes to those without it.  Easily, and effortlessly.

Without your big why, persistence seems like work.  With it, apathy seems like agony.

Follow your passion, your huge reason for living.  Losing persistence?  Fan the flames of your passion.  Get specific, and get motivated.

Homework: (that's right, if you've read this far, it isn't "recommended" any more.  You're taking action, which means I'm going to call it like it is. You know as well as I do, that these "recommended resources" are homework.  Are you persistent enough to acquire, read, and study them?  Is your why big enough to acquire your own bibliography of awesome?  Perhaps its time to go over this blog and scan for homework you thought was just a recommendation, earlier...?)
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