Mental Toughness: Learn how and why to be accountable

Learning accountability is crucial.  Many of us see ourselves as victims of life, and life's randomness.


Actually, our lives are simply a collaboration of things which vibrate at a similar frequency to us.  We attract that which we are, and our environment is simply a reflection of that which we focus on.  (sorry).

Many people immediately make objections to this statement, and, I understand (and have made) those objections myself.  For now, suspend your disbelief and pretend that this is true, just for a while.

Why?  Well, enough people over the years who I've grown to respect all say this.  In fact, every successful person I've ever met, or read about, says this.

So...  let's just go with it for now, okay?


Take responsibility for your life.  You are not a victim - you control your destiny and your reality.  What you focus on is crucial.  If you have a crummy life, focus on the solutions and where you want to go - put your energy into solving the situation.  Hundreds of self made millionaires and philanthropists have come from crappy environments.  You can too.

Get your head out of the crap called the scarcity mindset.  Focusing on what you don't have sucks, and makes you feel sucky.  Focusing on your ideal life gets you motivated, gets you pumped up, and, most importantly, gets you taking action towards it.  You'll see opportunities you would have otherwise been too busy complaining to see.  You'll be brighter and happier, and people will respond to you differently.

In essence:  Life is better once you step up and take control of it, and recognize that you've had control of it this entire time.

Step up.

Homework:  Personal Power II

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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Thinking About Culture said...

A responsible person never blames or points finger at others, he will make sure that it is his duty or job to make things happen.