I had an interesting comment on The Key to Awesome the other day, which was that they disagreed with point 4 of awesome (the teaching others section).  In that, while noble, they believed it wasn't an integral part of said awesomeness.  Optional awesomeness, if you will.

I had a healthy debate with him, and, the final results I thought might be worth sharing, as he raised some valid points.

One great example he had, was a monk who sits and meditates all day.  Could this person, without affecting anyone else, be awesome (by the books' definition)

To that, I said no.  Not in the sense that they don't have the potential to be an amazing person, or even a fulfilled one.  But, The Key to Awesome: The Step by Step Guide to Having an OUTSTANDING Life is not just a guide on fulfillment, although that is definitely a category.  It is not just a guide on achievement, or mental abilities, or nutrition, or any of those things... it is a step by step guide to having an outstanding life.

To have an outstanding life, I would put fourth that one must stand out, in some form, or another.

In order to truly stand out, one would have to impact a large group of people, or, at the very least, a small group of people in a HUGE way.

Look at OprahGandhi, Tony Robbins, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, GSP... all of these people have outstanding lives, and, all of them have impacted many, many... many people.

But wait, you say, they haven't necessarily taught those people anything?  Agreed.  But, teaching and influencing are the same things (with, perhaps, more and less intent behind them at times).  Meaning, in order to master influence, or teaching, or impact, or whatever word you want to use, you still have to "multiply yourself" via some medium.

A teacher teaches.  A politician or paster preaches.  A sports hero or musician inspires.  A television personality engages... but they are all influencing.  And, in their own way, all teaching.

So, in TK2A's definition of its title, that is, Awesome being the culmination of an outstanding life, I would say that all of those people are awesome at what they do, as they have impacted the world through doing awesome things, and helping (or inspiring) others do awesome things.

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts

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