Leadership and Self Deception: Book Review

Leadership and Self Deception.  I would say that the tricky part for a lot of us would be getting past the title, honestly.

A friend of mine recommended this book to me a while back, and even used the phrase "I immediately thought of you when I was reading this" hehe, ouch!  Thanks, right?  "Hey, I saw this dieting book called how to not be a big fatass, and I thought of you!"

Well, to put your fears or potential pre-judgement of the book to rest, let me share with you that I immediately thought of many of my friends, family members, students and associates after reading Leadership and Self Deception.  As well as potential businesses that could benefit from its teachings.

So, if this book has been recommended to you to read, I would say to do what I did, which was grin, and start reading - trusting the person who recommended it to you in the first place, as, it is excellent.  And, after you've read the book, the title doesn't even seem insulting.  Neat shift of view, that.

I will say this, though:  Leadership and Self Deception is a trifle difficult to summarize.

If you've been reading The Key to Awesome: The Step by Step Guide to Having an OUTSTANDING Life, you'll know that I recommended Leadership and Self Deception nearly right away.

There's a reason.

This book changes the way we see the world... not just others... but ourselves, as well.

There is some truly powerful viewpoint shifting that happens when you read Leadership and Self Deception.

Regardless of how empathetic, or caring you may think you are, or, how selfless or even martyr-esque you might cast yourself as, I would still truly recommend Leadership and Self Deception to you, as, in those cases, the book may work even better.

If you are reading The Key to Awesome: The Step by Step Guide to Having an OUTSTANDING Life, or, if you are simply just looking for a way to expand your empire, influence, personal power, or any other form of self improvement, I highly recommend this book.

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts

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Julie said...

OK! i will also read this book- lots of books have had titles that grab my attention-but may not be what I "think I think"...kinda like martial arts classes... I THOUGHT they were ONE way, in fact they are waaaaaay more fun than I imagined... at least Shinka Martial Arts is, well, WAAY AWESOME!!! or, having kids of my own, now tHAT was something different , too!(in a good way I may add) Cool , thank you!