59 Seconds Book Review

I've been listening to 59 seconds and, I'm debating on adding it to the bibliography of awesome.

While interesting, I would say that some of the other books in the list provide the same information in a more digestible way...

The reason I do mention the book, however, is that it IS chalk full of useful tips and info, and, some of our readers may appreciate Richard's highly scientific approach to happiness.  

Often times, speakers and authors who write books to improve people's lives, will quote a story, or statistic that is somewhat arbitrary to make a point.  "2/3 people are materialistic due to low self esteem" or something of that nature, and, for some, they demand a more precise accounting of such a statistic.

Where was the statistic calculated?  How it was calculated?  By whom?  Why?  Where did their funding came from?  What was the actual statistic?  (say in this case, 66.73% instead of 2/3 people)  Was this study corroborated in a complimentary yet impartial study?  And so on.

Personally, I dislike it when books drone on and on to "prove their point" but, to some, this sort of information helps them learn, or, perhaps, to believe they can learn.

It is to those people, and, to people looking for any form of proof or scientific evidence or reassurance that I would recommend 59 seconds.

The success journal, for example, that I mention in TK2A is broken down into a slightly different, scientifically tested method, which I have begun testing upon myself with positive results.  Also, a theory that I've had on positivity was scientifically validated as well, which was reassuring.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the link. I had heard of this elsewhere, and found it through your link. I love your book and this one. So many complimentary points.

Author said...

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I'm curious to hear which version of the success journal works best for you?

Anonymous said...

I saw your comment on T. Harv Eker's blog, and was curious. I'm going to put your book on my "to get" list! (My education jar should be able to afford the book this month!)

Why do you go to the MMI seminar every year?

Author said...

I go for a number of reasons. To learn, to grow, to both take, and observe the seminar (and how it is presented) and, I think most importantly, to be in the energy of such excitement and potential.

I really like the way I feel after being surrounded by like-minded people.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sensei! Quick note: I now make $100 a month in passive income, have a great relationship, and life just keeps getting better. I had none of these things before your book. My wholehearted thanks and gratitude!

Author said...

Sweet! Great to hear!!