As a martial arts teacher at Shinka Martial Arts, and as a passionate student and teacher of self actualization, self improvement, and "increasing the awesome", I tend to get the often facetious question of just "how to get awesome."

This book is the result of me taking these requests seriously, and taking the time to extrapolate the concept of awesome.  In effect, breaking it down into ingredients and coming up with a step-by-step recipe for becoming the best version of yourself you could be.

To save on space, I've used the phrase "awesome" to describe the state of ultimate success in every area of your life.  From fitness to mindset to finance to relationships etc.  In essence, ultimate health + ultimate wealth + ultimate happiness + ultimate lifestyle + ultimate potential = "Awesome."

(its just easier to say "awesome")

So what then, is... "the key to awesome?"

Read on :-)

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts

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