How to operate from objective reality

Imagine you are a little stressed about something, and someone asks how you are doing.

Do you exaggerate the problem?  Or worse, when you ask yourself how you're doing, do you thrive on the stress & attention you get from even the smallest problem?

What about on the other side, do you inflate positive things & feelings in your life, so that others will be impressed?

In order to achieve awesome, one must find that mental balance of objectivity.  Be able to look at yourself and be objective (not judgmental).

You're 2 lbs overweight, not "soooo fat".  You're working hard, not "in a mountain of paperwork."

Take stock of where you are, and be okay with that.  You've got a plan already, work within it, and objectively adjust your course along the way to ensure success.

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Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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