How to have awesome motivation & vision

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Each of us has our own passions, our own talents and our own sense of, and path towards, joy and bliss.  The trick, for some, is to find, and cultivate it.

One of the most effective methods for discovering your passion is a method used by three humorous ghosts in an Bill Murray movie, Scrooged.  (I watch this movie with my Mom every Christmas, by the way, for the movie's inspiring message)

The concept is this:  See your death, and see your ideal death, and do a little bit of math.

What I mean by that is, take your current life, and simply multiply it all.  What's the likely outcome?  How many friends will you have, how many lives will you have changed, and what would people say about you?

Take a moment to understand that, and write out the eulogy they would say about you, and any stories or statements that those who attend your funeral would say.


Now, shake your body a little, and think about your ideal death.  Sure, its a strange concept, but give it a go.

Think about how you'd like to be remembered.  Who is there at your funeral, and what do they have to say about you?

Again, take the time, and write out your ideal eulogy.  Who did you affect?  How?  In what way?  How is the world a better place because of you?  Who did you inspire to take action?  What sorts of things would these people say about you?  (are these people different people?)

Hopefully it won't take a lunatic with a shotgun to get you to see the light.  Hopefully you'll simply see these two (often radically different) futures and easily be able to pick which one you want to create.

In essence, hopefully you now have all the motivation you'll ever need, both negative (avoidance) and positive (attraction) - keep the positive future in your mind, and work towards that end.

"Every man dies.  Not every man truly lives." - Braveheart

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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