How to have Awesome Habits

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In order to do awesome things, you must have awesome habits.

We are a collection of habits, both positive and negative.  What we are, is what we habitually do.

So, now that we have our life vision, what habits would this ideal version of ourselves have to utilize, in order to achieve that end?

Were you vibrant?  Did you have lots of energy?  Did you have lots of friends?  Did people come to you for advice?  Did you give to charity?

All these types of futures require habitual action in various areas.  To be fat, one must have the habit of not moving very much, and the habit of giving into temptation, and the habit of activating various mental associations and states to various types of food.

My recommendation is both synergistic and cumulative.  Meaning, "quitting" a negative habit is very difficult, but, replacing a negative habit with a positive one (the proverbial carrot/gum/patch/meditation for cigarette) is considerably easier, as we are often addicted to the action/mental process more than the outcome of the habit itself.

These habits will build off each other and support each other in the same manner that negative habits do.

Its much easier to be fat if you have the habit of watching 6 hours of TV a day, and combine that with the other habits I mentioned earlier.

So, divide what outcomes you want, what eulogies you've written, and gradually live the lifestyle of that person.  If they were generous, make it a habit to be generous.  If they were fit, make it a habit to live a fit life.

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Use what works for you.  Electronic reminders, silent affirmations, meditative running, incantations, hypnotherapy, success journals, seminars, books, tapes/cds, all work, and all work well together.

One thing I like to do, is make my habits easy to start.  Like a cigarette only when drinking with friends, for example, you can make it a habit to do one pushup every morning.  Simple, easy to do... and habitual.  Just like how one cigarette turns into two, so too, do the pushups eventually begin multiplying all on their own.


Make it a habit to be awesome.  Start small, and never, ever compromise your positive habits.

See the bonus section Recommended Awesome Habits for some inspiration!

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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